A focus on customer experience is crucial to the success of any organization - so why is it still so few organizations dedicate people and teams to improving this daily? A focus on experience design and execution will make your customers come back again & again - there is real business value to focusing on experience! On average, an industry’s customer loyalty leader outgrows its competitors by a factor greater than two times. But how do you make the case to have customer experience be a key role, business strategy and discipline, whether you’re a start-up or Fortune company?

Lesley made the strong case at Zipcar to create a team solely focused on the member experience.  In this session, she will explain why this change was a necessity, her approach, the evolution of her team and their skills, and the various challenges faced when trying to get a company with a complex service ecosystem of people, technology and operations to put the customer experience first in all they do and the decisions they make.         

This session is the “HOW” and “WHY” of building experience-focused teams and organizations and will help a team of 1 or 20 organize to make customer experience a catalyst for growth or change.