The ability to manage company culture in today’s rapidly changing workplace is the difference between industry leaders and losers. Because employee engagement is more important than ever before, managers must learn how to effectively lead and build robust cultures of their own. More than the overarching culture of a business, managers are in the unique position to build micro-cultures that strengthen their team’s performance and support their organization. But in a world where leadership teams are not all created equally, how can supervisors assess and manage culture in a way that’s effective and measurable? Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a psychological theory used to assess motivation, the 5 Ps of Engagement is a culture management tool you can use to discover your unique formula for success. Each touchstone — package, potential, people, purpose, and perception — relates to the cumulative needs of employees, from the physical to the aspirational.

In this talk, Josh addresses how managers can use the 5 Ps as a culture control panel to effect change on both micro and macro scales. Using real-world examples from organizations whose managers double as culture liaisons between employees and leadership, we will discuss how managers can easily put this theoretical framework into place to move their organization’s culture forward.