Creating great product experiences takes more than simply hiring some talented designers and planting them in your existing teams. Legacy organizational perspectives and practices around product management and engineering can greatly reduce the effectiveness of design practice. The key is to align the WHOLE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (not just the designers) around user experience in a flexible, iterative, and transparent way.

In this workshop, we'll share two core practices recently developed as part of IBM's human-centered design transformation. We've adapted and evolved core concepts from experience design and design thinking to target whole teams and highly complex systems. These practices are proving very successful at aligning the organization from SVPs down to individual designers, developers, and product managers. This works at scale (IBM has 3000 product groups) and for remote teams.

This is the first public sharing of these ideas outside of IBM. Be the first to learn about something that is shaping up to be an incredibly effective approach to practicing good design at scale.